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Steeprock River Outfitters was established in 1998 with Garry Bass beginning his career as a Manitoba Licensed Guide and Outfitter. Garry ran a highly successful operation for many years up until 2012 when he decided it was time to enjoy retirement. Since Garry's retirement, his son, Wayne Bass has now taken over Steeprock River Outfitters, but since than has expanded the Black Bear operation more into Manitoba and now into  East Central Saskatchewan. 

Wayne grew up following in his Dads footsteps when it came to hunting, especially the life of a Guide and Outfitter. In 2005 when Wayne was of legal age to become a Licensed Manitoba Guide, he obtained his Manitoba Guides License and than began his journey into the Guiding and Outfitting world!

Hunting with us at Steeprock River Outfitters, we strive to have each one of our guests in camp feel as comfortable as possible, feel part of the family, and go home with the Trophy Black Bear and White-tail Deer you came to Canada for!

With our Black Bear Hunts we offer hunts over active baits that are accessible by ATV's in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, along with Manitoba Remote Lake Hunts that are only accessible by boat. For our Spring Bear Hunts, our baits are baited during the winter months before any Bears awake from their winter dens and weeks before season even opens for our Fall Bear Season.  Reason for this is we want to ensure our baits are hit and active well in advance to our guests arrival to offer the best opportunity for each one of our guests in being successful on their Black Bear Hunts. While lots of  Outfitters wait to get their baits put in after the spring melt with ATV's or days before Fall Season opener, while they are getting their baits out, we are already getting activity at our baits along with trail camera pictures! We take a ton of pride in what we do and treat our Outfitting operation more of a passion and hobby than an actual business, as we care about each one of our guests experience and success while hunting with us! 

In conclusion, when hunting with us, Steeprock River Outfitters, you can count on being well taken care and appreciated! Our biggest goals of all is to gain your trust, build new friendships, harvest the Trophy you came for, have you want to return to hunt with us again, and most of all, feel apart of the Steeprock River Outfitters Family! 

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we want to send you our personal invitation to come experience a thrilling and exciting hunt with us in the very near future! 

Take care, all the best, and hope to have the pleasure of meeting and hunting with you very soon! 


Wayne Bass
Owner And Operator Of 
Steeprock River Outfitters 

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