Manitoba Black Bear Guided Hunts

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Steeprock River Outfitters specializes in spring and fall Black Bear hunts with over 3,000 square miles of our own exclusive hunting territory between 3 different Game Hunting Areas. This allows us to have total access to hunt these areas without the presence and pressure of other Outfitters and non-resident Black Bear hunters, which makes your hunt a much higher and greater success!

Each of our Black Bear hunts have a high percentage of seeing several different types of Black Bears including, harvesting a big or color phased Bear. For the past several years we are proud to admit that we have an exceptional 92% success harvest rate, while 40% of our harvests have been color phased Bears. Each year we harvest several Boone & Crockett, and Pope & Young Bears, with weights ranging from 250lbs - 500lbs and measuring 6'6' - 7' plus nose to tail with skulls measuring 18'+.

We are now offering  REMOTE BOAT ACCESS ONLY Black Bear Hunts on two different Lakes within 2 of our Black Bear Territories in Manitoba. Red Deer Lake which is located in Manitoba's Game Hunting Area 12 and Swan Lake that is located in Manitoba's Game Hunting Area 14. Both Lakes are in supreme Black Bear habitat with great natural food sources, waterways, very little to no human contact and very little hunting pressure. 

With this combination the quality and quantity of Black Bears are high with great numbers of Trophy Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young and Colour Phased Bears! The number of hunts offered in these 2 Prime Remote Black Bear Hunting Areas are very limited each season to ensure the highest quality possible, so to avoid any disappointment, we recommend each of our guests to book well in advance!

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